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Michael Presenting

About Michael D Wall, LLC

Pulling from 21 years of experience in the financial industry, Michael D Wall, LLC is a financial education company run by Michael Wall.


The mission of this company is to empower individuals financially so they can find confidence to live their life with purpose. 

Through educational curriculum,likeminded community, and digital content, embrace your journey towards financial empowerment and purposeful living!

Our Team.

Michael Wall
Michael D Wall
Founder and CEO
Michael Wall is a husband, father, CEO, writer, news commentator, podcast host, and motivational speaker with a passion for people and a goal of empowerment. Michael works to bring empowerment in a variety of ways including podcasts, social media, public speaking, private coaching and more in order to bring his passion for empowerment to the masses!
Madeline Coggins
Madeline Coggins
Director of Digital Media and Events

Madeline helps with all aspects of digital media and events. She has multiple awards in media production specifically for her writing and video packages while working for the Beacon newspaper. Madeline helps run the behind-the-scenes of the company, bringing efficiency and sophistication. 

David Merrill
David Merrill
Videographer and Producer
David manages all videography and production for the company pulling from years of experience in the production field. He is an award-winning director, writer, and producer that brings creativity and professionalism to the team. 
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